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Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

1434 East Queen Street Lot 66
Kevin L. and Sandra K. Smith to Dawneen Collins for $96,000.

940 East Queen Street Lot 16
Justine S. Kreifels Estate, John J. Kreifels, Brigitte K. Jones to Timothy Jones, Allison Sharp for $200,000.

210 East Main Street
St. Mark Lutheran Church, Church St. Mark Lutheran Church to Eric Ziegler for $251,000.

46 North Lancaster Street
Jordan R. and Victoria L. Mummau to JVM Real Estate LLC for $1.

227 North Lancaster Street
Jordan R. and Victoria L. Mummau to JVM Real Estate LLC for $1.

15 West Sheridan Avenue Part of Lot 6
Jordan R. and Victoria L. Mummau to JVM Real Estate LLC for $1.

124 North Railroad Street
Jordan R. and Victoria L. Mummau to JVM Real Estate LLC for $1.

1426 East Queen Street Lot 65
Khrista T. Dechert, Brandy A. Lannon to Khrista T. and Joel R. Dechert for $185,000.

1110 East Main Street
Andrew J. Muselman to Andrew J. Musselman, Patrick D. King for $1.

447 West Main Street
Leon L. Martin, Nelson Bollinger to Bryant J. and Holly M. Hlavaty for $225,000.

Bethel Township

2320 South Pine Grove Street Lot 1
Sangmin Lee to Steven B. Hitz for $265,000.

15 Pine Avenue Lot 32
Denise L. Altrath Irrevocable Trust, Joanne L. Jesiolowski to Terence M. Taylor for $225,000.

127 North Center Street
Sean D. J. and Bethany M. Bradley to Tiffany L. Miller for $135,000.

3030 South Pine Grove Street
C & R Investment Properties LLC to Shane and Shawn Moyer for $45,000.

20 Creek Drive Lot 78
Mitch D. and Cassandra L. Anderson to Carole A. Cummings, Courtney J. Prokop for $365,100.

107 Chestnut Hill Road
Allen G. Kohr, Rachel K. Rumpilla to Allen G. Kohr for $1.

70 Hostetter Lane
Hostetters Big Woods Incorporated to Fishers Sunshine Strip for $912,500.

City of Lebanon

360 North Plum Street
P. Kenneth and Constance D. Gehman to P. Kenneth Gehman Revocable Living Trust, Constance D. Gehman Revocable Living Trust, P. Kenneth and Constance D. Gehman for $1.

607 South Broad Street
Beverly A. Kindt to Richard W. and Beverly A. Kindt for $1.

537 East Weidman Street
Michael S. Smith Sr. to Melissa and Damian Smith for $85,000.

524 Bollman Street
Russell E. Wengert to House Cash LLC for $65,000.

364, 365, and 366 North Ninth Street
Fred C. Bowers Jr. to Mikah A. and Melissa S. Bowers for $1.

521 South 3rd Avenue Lots 6, 7, and 11 Block C
Susan E. Robb, Timothy E. Wolfe to Whispering Hope Enterprises for $306,000.

328 East Beech Street
John G. and Patrice Lundsted to Franchesca R. Rodriguez for $48,000.

522 Park Drive Lot 24
Fork Point LLC to Ralph D. Shellenhamer for $142,500.

1438 Walnut Street
Roman A. and Olga S. Yudenko to Evan P. Spicer for $97,000.

1017 Walnut Street
Wendy S. Baeshore to Tanner M. Bailey for $140,000.

411 Guilford Street
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Angelina C. M. Dunkleberger for $122,000.

555 Weidman Street
Keith W. and Amy J. Donnachie to Carlos J. Villar for $84,000.

401 East Pine Street Lot 75
Frederick W. and Crystal L. Sechrest to Rachel L. and Scotty E. Ball for $196,000.

366 North 7th Street
Roberto Cruz to Roberto Cruz Jr. for $1.

29 South Eleventh Street
Sherri E. Killinger to Bienvenido Castro, Amparo S. D. Castro for $74,000.

827 Chestnut Street
Terry L. and Kristy L. Ludwig to 827 Chestnut St. LLC for $90,000.

754 Hill Street
Mariluz Amaro to Pavel Brens, Mariluz Amaro for $1.

312 North 5th Street
Mary E. Steele, John H. Shark to Mary E. Steele for $1.

1117 Lehman Street
Amos L. Zook to Daniel and Fannie King for $145,000.

1262 Quentin Road
Ana R. Lasanta to Maria E. M. D. Batista for $150,000.

213 Weidman Street Lot 2
Deborah A. Gross to Will E. M. Reyes for $116,000.

1601 Oak Street
William W. Neuman to Millpond Properties LLC for $191,400.

131 North Ninth Street
David W. and Kathleen M. Batchelor to Wenger Investment Group LLC for $80,000.

15 Lehman Street
Derek C. Witmer to Nurys A. R. D. Rodriguez for $86,000.

431 North Gannon Street
Thomas E. Kline, George Rodriguez to Gary Z. Horst for $42,000.

576 Dodge Street Lots 173 and 174
Juan A. and Arlene Rivera to Odunayo A. and Victoria A. Hassan for $300,000.

162 South Hanover Street
Jason A. Hamer, Betsy Kolovani to Jason A. Hamer for $1.

162 South Hanover Street
Jason A. Hamer to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $34,000.

405 Oaklyn Road Lot 144
Debra G. Keller, Frank B. and Ralph A. Edwards, Sharon E. Mann to Elijah J. Brown for $215,000.

234 Guilford Street
Donald E. Rittle Jr. Estate, Donald Rittle Estate, Donald E. Rittle Sr., Rick Canby Jr. to Wilmer J. Weaver for $25,000.

727-729, 731-735, 737-751 Cumberland Street Lot 1 Etc.
Harrisburg Area Community College, School Harrisburg Area Community College to City of Lebanon, Lebanon City for $2,200,000.

938 Chestnut Street
Premier Home Solutions to Yeury F. and Yuberquis M. Charleston for $144,900.

320 Elm Street
Phyllis M. Buffenmeyer, Bamby J. Geary to Perry Painting Staining and Powerwashing for $110,000.

239 South First Avenue Lot 294 and Part of Lot 293
Scott S. and Tamar C. Molignoni to Edward L. and Ina M. Williams Jr. for $184,900.

400 South 12th Street
Barbara A. Klatchko to Cumberland Street Properties for $225,000.

Cornwall Borough

3501 Lebanon Road
MAC, George E. Christianson, Gary T. Matthew, Henry J. Arnold Jr. to Valeriy Tolstoy for $40,000.

10 Water Street
Kelsey N. Jones, Kelsey N. Kreiser to Justin J. and Kelsey N. Kreiser for $1.

130 Maple Lane Lot 29
Barbara Z. Kirschner to David A. Steiner, Rebecca S. Haverstick for $560,000.

126 Julia Lane
Paul A. and Amy Trump to Luis D. J. Reyes for $168,000.

125 North Cornwall Road East
Samuel R. Snyder to Lois L., Joseph P., and Esther D. Robinson for $122,000.

East Hanover Township

10287 Jonestown Road
James Halkias to Jenna Miller, Christopher Wonderly for $65,000.

50 Main Street
Hans Bohn to James and Nancy Miller for $188,500.

10194 Jonestown Road
David and Carol Bowser to Bryan R. Hoover for $210,000.

63 Race Horse Drive Lot 2
Heather A. and David A. Meyer Sr. to Heather A. and David A. Meyer Sr. for $1.

1001 School House Road
Richard J. Batz Estate, Tammy J. Murphy, Michael R. Batz to Tammy J. Murphy for $1.

801 Ono Road
Tammy and Steven C. Moyer to Michael and Bridget Lenich for $200,000.

59 Appalachian Drive
Linda M. Groh to Stephanie M. Lackey for $190,000.

Heidelberg Township

NS Heidelberg Avenue Lot A
Janet E. Noll to Jarvis K. Sensenig for $150,000.

223 South Market Street
Jean D. Ashby Estate, Barbara Goux to Barbara Goux for $1.

1603 Stiegel Pike
Eli S. and Elizabeth G. Stoltzfus to Matthew S. and Sylvia L. Lapp for $130,000.

223 South Market Street
Barbara Goux to Barbara Goux, Paul A. Glass for $1.

200 South Lancaster Avenue
David K. Drummond to Wayne D. Hand for $193,000.

244 Gravel Hill Road
Charles H. Matters Estate, Todd Matters to Todd and Cheryl Matters for $1.

146 Linda Sue Lane Lot 10
John B. and Laura J. Lytle Jr. to Baja Dreams for $190,000.

Jackson Township

518 West Washington Avenue
Lynn M., Douglas B., and Daniel B. Troutman to Douglas B. and Daniel B. Troutman for $1.

362 King Street
P. Kenneth and Constance D. Gehman to P. Kenneth Gehman Revocable Living Trust, Constance D. Gehman Revocable Living Trust, P. Kenneth and Constance D. Gehman for $1.

22 Grasshopper Court Lot 11
Brian L. Horning, Erin E. Friedrich to Brian L. and Erin E. Horning for $1.

540 West Main Avenue
Shane J. and Amy L. Zerbe to Christopher C. Haislip, Amber L. Whitman for $192,000.

37 Firefly Drive Lot 41
Jonathan M. and Shawnta T. Fladd to Hunter C. and Amber H. Rhoads for $309,900.

1 Grasshopper Court Lot 30
John C. Elias to Nemesis M. P. Rivera for $180,000.

18 Golf Road Lot 6
Mabel S. Umberger to Sally A. Kreiser for $216,000.

12 Meadow Lane Lot 138
Richard T. and Margaret A. Smith to Kate M. Davies for $417,500.

(UPI #23-0000000-0000000-0000) Lot 25 Parcel B
Ira L. and Louise E. Mast to Ira L. Mast Revocable Living Trust, Louise E. Mast Revocable Trust, Ira L. and Louise E. Mast for $1.

25 Katy Lane Lot 7
Weber Properties to Frederick W. and Crystal L. Sechrest for $194,000.

Jonestown Borough

236 Rose Lane
Melissa M. and Kirk A. Hagenow, Darryl R. Hamm to Joe L. May Sr. for $270,000.

Millcreek Township

52 West Main Street
Karen A. Campbell to Karen A., Laura L., and Rachel H. Campbell for $1.

103 Peach Street Lot 6
Brenda J. Clifford to Brandon T. and Courtney A. Serikstad for $170,000.

255 South Sheridan Road
Darryl D. and Renee A. Hartman Jr. to Darryl D. Hartman Jr. for $1.

6 Evergreen Way Lot 301
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust, Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust, Peter B. and Naomi H. Shirk, John E. Eberly to Carmen A. A. and William A. A. Oquendo for $250,353.

14 South Parish Avenue
MRD Real Estate Investments to Dean R. Martin, Brandy L. Layser for $135,000.

15 Treeline Drive Lot 92
Israel and Jane Lopez to Israel Lopez for $1.

332 Stricklerstown Road
Eleanor R. Hartranft Estate, Barry L., Randy L., and Rickie A. Hartranft, Donna M. Claypoole to Randy L. Hartranft for $1.

323 Memorial Boulevard Lot 3
John D. Sholly Jr. Estate, John D. Sholly Estate, Eugene E. Sholly to Wade I. Martin for $144,000.

2 Village Drive Lot 26
Gerald G. and Barbara L. Zerr to Eric M. Berger, Macey Wrede for $290,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

110 Lancaster Avenue Lots 403 and 404
Robert O. Harding to Emmalee M. Davignon for $215,000.

Myerstown Borough

721 South Railroad Street
Mikala A. and Cason J. Neff to Cason J. Neff for $1.

North Annville Township

1510 North State Route 934
A. Basil and Janet Patteson to Eric B. Patteson for $1.

1500 North State Route 934
A. Basil and Janet L. Patteson to Eric B. Patteson for $109,000.

517 Ono Road
Michael J. Brandt to Michael J. and Kristine M. Brandt for $1.

North Cornwall Township

1602 Chestnut Street
HMG Investors LLC to 1360 Realty.Com LLC, 1360 Realty Com LLC for $110,000.

308 Quittapahilla Drive Lot 168
Barbara A. and David Laudermilch to William H. and Mary K. Kale for $241,000.

525 Waterside Circle Lot 142
Clement and Donna G. Cruz III to Eric D. Luther for $275,000.

2169 Walnut Street
Howard Wood to Brenda L. Villatoro, Walter D. B. Lopez for $159,900.

2047 Center Street Lot 2
Amy J. OByle to Sheika I. Diodonet for $125,000.

124 South 17th Street
Erma L. Putt to Julio and Luisa Torres for $62,500.

305 Catherine Court Lot 38
Maria M. Morabito to Maria M. and John Morabito Sr. for $0.

190 Furnace Court Lot 190
Morgan R. Witman, Artemus D. Tuisl to Jasmine M. Gass for $156,000.

1405 Cornwall Road
Ethan D. and Jenna M. Bradley to Agustin T. Barbosa for $280,000.

706 Farmwood Lane Unit 104
Builder Services Group Inc. to Jeffrey Zimmerman for $180,060.

708 Farmwood Lane Unit 103
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Jeffrey Zimmerman for $180,060.

North Lebanon Township

1535 Jody Avenue Lot 14
Angelika R. Alcaraz to Angelika R. Alcaraz, Michael and Charla Dugan for $1.

777 North 8th Avenue Lots 1-52
Gloria A. Pushnik to Daniel Martin for $800,000.

1 Brandthaven Drive
Charles H. Kinloch III to Bobbie J. Kline for $306,000.

222 Gary Avenue Lot 67 and Part of Lot 68 Section A
Brett R. and Joan M. French to Christopher T. Long for $279,900.

2 Aspen Way Lot 137
Diane L. Charles Estate, Susan M. Fies, Robin L. Mauk to Randy Mauk for $246,000.

2075 North 7th Street
Linford R. and Audrey R. Snyder to Misty Glen Properties for $1.

North Londonderry Township

560 Sweetwater Drive Lot 10
Paul E. and Debra T. Lotier Sr. to Lotier Irrevocable Grantor Trust, Paul E. and Debra T. Lotier Sr. for $1.

(UPI #28-2302149-356117-0000) Lot 59
Harry E. and Annette E. Buck to Christopher L. and Stephanie L. Huber for $1.

(UPI # 28-2302073-356021-0000) Lot 58
Harry E. and Annette E. Buck to Justin D. and Kathryn A. Snyder for $1.

(UPI #28-2301969-355955-0000) Lot 57
Harry E. and Annette E. Buck to Harry E. and Annette E. Buck for $1.

26 Killinger Road
Harry E. and Annette E. Buck to Justin D. and Kathryn A. Snyder for $230,000.

40 Hickory Street Lot 77
Ryan A. and Sarah Vaca to Akanksha and Dipen Patel for $260,000.

1200 East Main Street
Yordy Enterprises L P to Tek Ghimirey, Maya Kadariya for $850,000.

1351 Duke Street Lot 121
Randy L. and Susan J. Fies to Gene P. Frazier for $215,000.

731 Cambridge Court Plot 64
Theresa Goodrich to Nolan W. and Amy E. Hauser for $210,000.

154 Spruce Court
Eoin and Mary Lehane to ACCIM for $165,000.

16 Millstone Drive Lot 251
Scott E. and Diane M. Christ to Lillian L. and Thomas T. Sweeney for $458,700.

1015 Snyder Road
Christian L. and Korin A. Gingrich to Christian L. and Korin A. Gingrich for $1.

407 Barrington Court Plot 152
Joanne M. Strohm Estate, Kathleen M. Leo to Alexander R. Joyce, Kaitlyn A. Leo for $173,000.

(UPI #28-2301000-357000-0000)
Trevor S. Davies, Heidi L. Allison to Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle for $1.

(UPI #28-2301000-357000-0000)
Landmark Homes at the Pinnacle to Trevor S. Davies, Heidi L. Allison for $1.

9 Summit Drive Lot 132
Steven J. and Deborah L. Brandt to Nicole A. S. and Raymond J. Heaton for $340,000.

4 Star View Drive Lot 110
Steven S. and Nora L. Hoffman to Edward and Christine G. Russek for $220,000.

216 Lindbergh Drive Fiduciary Deed
Carl D. Hyde Estate, Debra A. Bollana to Brock D. Williams for $120,000.

760 South Lincoln Street Lots 21, 22, and 23
Tina L. and Charles Burgs to Francisco and Dulce M. Acevedo for $215,000.

(UPI #28-2301000-357000-0000) Deed of Consolidation
Trevor S. Davies, Heidi L. Allison to Trevor S. Davies, Heidi L. Allison for $1.

110 Cambridge Court Plot 117
Tyler J. Baker to Mary Salvemini Revocable Trust, Neil A. Salvemini for $189,900.

27 Villa Lane Lot 34
Ryan N. and Brittany A. Nye to Ryan N. Nye for $1.

12 West Larch Street Lot 29 of Revised Section B
Jeremy R. Moyer to Jeremy R. and Jessica E. Moyer for $1.

Palmyra Borough

233 North College Street
Brian S. and Laura J. Herr to Heather and Carey Albright Jr. for $158,000.

231 North College Street
Christine G. Rupert to Cynthia J. Rupert for $1.

42 Cortland Crossing Lot 63
Weaver H R Building Systems Inc., H R Weaver Building Systems Inc. to Balvantlal V. and Bhartiben B. Patel for $239,370.

56 West Walnut Street
Sherry A. and Thomas A. Schwalm to Sherry A. and Thomas A. Schwalm for $1.

971 East Maple Street Lot 62F
Francisco A. and Dulce M. Acevedo to Johnny Molina Jr., Charlotte I. Acevedo for $167,500.

54 Sycamore Lane Lot 52
Richard G. Dudginski to Raymond C. Collica for $255,000.

Richland Borough

109 North Race Street
Pamela J. Strunk Family Trust, Vicki J. Simpson to Loretta A. Shimer, Lashonda A. Rhoads for $240,000.

104 Oak Street Part of Lots 31 and 32
Amanda D. Martin, Trevor Price to Amanda D. Martin for $1.

SS West Linden Street Corrective Deed
S. Cleason and Mary J. Nolt to S. Cleason and Mary J. Nolt for $1.

South Annville Township

692 Frattaroli Lane
Frederick C. Laurenzo to P & D Realty for $245,000.

695 Fieldstone Drive Lot 93
Alyssa D. Smith to Suk M. and Chandra Gurung for $445,000.

(UPI #29-2314072-361525-0000) Lot 73
Gardel LLC, Garman Builders at Bachman Run LLC to James S. and Carolyn V. Seaton for $415,990.

136 Gingrich Avenue Lots 83 and 84
Alvana F. Cintron Estate, Susan M. Cintron, Lisa J. Higgitt to Susan M. Cintron for $1.

South Lebanon Township

730 South Lincoln Avenue
Amanda A. Struphar to Luke P. Hair for $161,400.

16 Jayanne Drive Lot 68
Keith R. Earle to Michael R. and Janice A. Kersic for $236,000.

385 Acorn Circle Lot 90
James E. Eichelberger to Diego Yandoc for $179,000.

608 Progress Avenue
Loukas and Sharon L. Zoumas to Keith R. and Leslie A. Weary for $275,000.

903 Kiner Avenue Lot 184
Phyllis J. Sheaffer, Jeffrey R. Witmeyer to Kevin J. and Monica Mikelson for $187,500.

74 Eastfield Drive Lot 70
Dixie D. Rosensteel Estate, Dixie E. Rosensteel Estate, Erica D. Boonie to Michael J. and Jayne R. Gaston for $301,500.

1442 East Old Cumberland Street
Scott C. Painter to Angel E. R. Davila, Maribel S. Fernandez for $133,000.

10 Colonial Drive Lot 19
John A. Harpold to Curtis B. Harpold for $1.

South Londonderry Township

1426 Mount Wilson Road
Jonathan Gordon to John W. Tittle III, Lauren K. Sattazahn for $35,000.

953 Weaber Avenue Lot 32
Shawn M. H. and Scott T. Fedor to Scott T. and Shawn M. H. Fedor for $1.

1271 Mount Wilson Road
Kathleen, Troy D., and Ethan D. Cohen, Yan Yan to Kathleen Cohen for $1.

101 and 103 Schoolhouse Road
Gene P. and Judy A. Frazier to Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC for $165,000.

67 Harvest Mill Lane Unit 60
Darrin V. and Stephani L. Bann to Effat Jabeen for $230,000.

229 Fox Road Lot 85
Kristin M. Lee to Carl and Kelly Franzetti for $465,000.

50 West Market Street
Lena P. and Raymond F. Manari Jr. to LJ Partners for $500,000.

Swatara Township

26 Leeper Lane Lot 2
Jerald L. Kornhaus to Mitch D. and Cassandra L. Anderson for $469,900.

112 Swatara Circle Lot 77
Douglas B. Betz Jr. to Douglas A. Etter, Rachel K. Kohr for $265,000.

839 North Lancaster Street
Susann D. Spangler to Shawn R. Sanders for $178,611.

4 Willowcreek Avenue Lot 46
Kelvin J. Mejia to David and Criste Miller for $267,500.

SS Lickdale Road
Ira L. and Louise E. Mast to Ira L. Mast Revocable Living Trust, Louise E. Mast Revocable Trust, Ira L. and Louise E. Mast for $1.

1 Lighthouse Drive Lot 44
Alyson J. and Joshua A. Dilena to Zachary L. Yocum for $140,000.

144 Lickdale Road
Dorothy M. Weaver to Roger A. Weaver, Kendra J. Miller for $1.

406 South Lancaster Street
Aaron H. Donnachie to Daniel Roman for $109,900.

(UPI #32-2325000-398417-0000) Lot 13
Woodcrest Developers, C & F Inc. to Kelly C. Stone, Debra M. Garrison for $255,359.

218 Troy Avenue Lot 4 Quit Claim Deed
Amy I. Nye Estate, Pollyanna M. Nye to Scott F. Starleper, Pollyanna M. Nye for $1.

ES Hain Avenue Lot A
Linford R. and Audrey R. Snyder to Misty Glen Properties for $1.

W of Hain Avenue
Linford R. and Audrey R. Snyder to Misty Glen Properties for $1.

Union Township

148, 149, and 150 Race Horse Drive
Annette L. Adams Estate, Debra A. Firestone, Pattie L. Maulfair to Joshua D. Witmer for $1,010,830.

112 Huckleberry Road
Melissa M. Sebastian to Andrew F. Sebastian for $10,000.

(UPI #33-2290990-413257-0000)
Shirley Zserai to Joseph P. Motters and Joseph P. Motters II, Tammy Winters for $10,000.

West Cornwall Township

130 Cassadee Court Lot 6
Ralph E. Kaylor to Roger A. and Barbara R. Hine for $583,000.

401 Bell Avenue Lot 10
Richard H. and Beverly T. Andrews to Miranda S. Kress for $280,000.

374 South Butler Road
Sinclair Communications, Sinclair Media I Inc. to Rockett Dog for $371,746.

125 Old Mine Road Lot 4
Adam Alec LLC, Adam Alec to Mark A. and Michelle M. Fuhrman for $124,000.

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