Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – A Nashville broker caught a lease fraud fraud in the nick of time.

The Nashville Luxury Team’s rental listing in 12 South experienced now been marketed when Nashville broker Scott Coggins bought an inquiry about leasing it. He advised the caller no, and it was only ever for sale.

“The following day, the same gentleman calls me again as asks me, ‘Hey, do you know if the new owner is heading to be renting it?’” Coggins stated. “I reported, ‘No, what are you speaking about?’ He claimed, ‘There’s an ad on Craigslist.’”

Coggins found a scam artist copied and pasted the listing description on Craigslist, employed the Nashville Luxurious Team’s pics of the house, and marketed the listing for $900 a month.

“Red flag goes off for the reason that you can not lease anything at all for 900 bucks right across from Belmont in the 12 South region,” Coggins claimed.

The future red flag, he mentioned, was the software.

Composed on a Word document, it asked for a extensive list of particular person info, such as the applicant’s social safety amount.

“It’s not points that you would usually be asked if you are going to lease anything,” Coggins mentioned.

Coggins reported the bogus listing, and Craigslist took it down correct away. On the other hand, he endorses any person searching for housing need to constantly get steps to verify a listing prior to offering details away.

“Contact a Realtor, someone, which is accredited that appreciates the space,” Coggins said. “Not only that, but if you do operate across a listing on Craigslist, or anywhere, get that address and lower and paste it and Google research it. See if it truly is for lease for the reason that nine moments out of 10, if it is reputable, it’ll be on yet another agent’s web page.”

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