Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Wayne County

Baughman Township — Daniel R. and Jennifer L. Kinney to Nathan and Hayley Cunningham, 1841 Tannerville Road, $150,000.

Mark R. Slicker, trustee, to Fox Lake Club, $34,164.

Mark R. Slicker to Fox Lake Club, $11,249.

The Fox Lake Club Corp. to The Rupp Construction, Northwest Deerfield Avenue, $4,249.

Canaan Township — Harold Eugene and Patricia J. Hartzler to Patrick Sykes and Amy Sue Rufener, 10939 Parmenter Road, $280,000.

 Zoe N. Green to Matthew Cousin, 155 Garden St., $116,000.

Chester Township — Christopher B. and Freda A. Good to Aaron M. and Sarah A. Jackson, Overton Road, $105,000.

Chippewa Township — Michael R. and Linda E. Wagner to Abram Michael Wagner, 13020 S. Portage St., $270,000. 

Congress Township — Dee Anna R. Leasure to Green Bridge Farm, 10931 Flemming Road, $206,748.

Leoma A. Bowling to TCA Enterprises, 169 N Main St., $102,000.

East Union Township — Ammon E. and Miriam A. Troyer to Atlee D. and Elsie R. Miller, 10215 Dover Road, $355,000.